Heads it wins, tails I lose

Am I depressed or flaring? I'm tired and can't get the energy to do anything. I feel sick. I have a headache. My stomach hurts. My mood is low and I'm having panic attacks and anxiety. I can't get to sleep but when I do I can't wake up. I want to cry but can't. … Continue reading Heads it wins, tails I lose

The danger of feeling good

I'm having a good day today. Days like today are dangerous. I woke up groggy but feeling ok. The sun was shining and the weather warming up. I've been sleeping better, making myself stick to a "normalish" day/night cycle. I have also been eating a little better lately, making a conscious effort to undo the … Continue reading The danger of feeling good

What it’s like to be me, living with ME/CFS

If you’re interested in what it’s like to live with CFS/ME then this might be a useful read. Fair warning though, it is Loooong. This is part of the appeal submission when my Disability Benefit (SLP) application was declined. The full appeal document was over 10,000 words long. I’ve edited it, added bits that I … Continue reading What it’s like to be me, living with ME/CFS