The danger of feeling good

I'm having a good day today. Days like today are dangerous. I woke up groggy but feeling ok. The sun was shining and the weather warming up. I've been sleeping better, making myself stick to a "normalish" day/night cycle. I have also been eating a little better lately, making a conscious effort to undo the … Continue reading The danger of feeling good

Artsing it Old Skool

My husband was performing some music at our former school's spring fair. I knew I'd need to find something sedentary to entertain myself if the activity got to be too much, so I took my sketch kit... sure enough, I started to wilt. We made our circuit of the stalls in fits and starts before … Continue reading Artsing it Old Skool

How Mari Kondo’s system helped me grieve the life I lost

I've seen a lot of criticisms of the Konmari method of decluttering your life. Most of the criticisms I've read are either based on the idea that it's supposed to be one size fits all, that it suggests that everyone should be decluttering and living a minimalist lifestyle, or that throwing stuff away is bad … Continue reading How Mari Kondo’s system helped me grieve the life I lost