About me

By the power of Greyskull…
photo credit: Belinda Lansley

My name is Anna-Maria Covich. I live in Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand, with my husband, Ryan, and our cat, the Earl Roswell Grey. I have a BSc in Zoology and Microbiology, a BA in Gender studies, and a Master of Arts Degree that focused on Gender and Comic Book Fandom. I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and (most of the time) pink hair.

This blog is mostly about my life with ME/CFS, but occasionally I might have something else I want to talk about.

This blog is my own opinion or understanding and should not be taken as fact or used as medical advice. Use it as a jumping off point for your own ME/CFS research or experimentation if you wish, at your own risk, but please discuss any new sympyoms, management ideas, or self experiments with your doctor. I am not a medical expert, but I will try to include relevant links to actual experts when I remember.

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