Life, Death, and Library Books

It feels like I write about death a lot. I suppose it's because a Lorem Ipsum Life is a bit like dying. I lost everything and everyone I was when I got sick. Dealing with the grief of that 'death' is an important part of continuing to live. This morning I took a wee girl … Continue reading Life, Death, and Library Books


Why would you willingly risk becoming like me?

I'm so baffled by vaccine reluctance, especially in populations old enough to remember polio. Covid causes long term damage and disability in a devastatingly high proportion of the infected. Severe-acute-respiratory-syndrome-Coronavirus-disease-2019, aka SARS-COV-2, AKA Covid-19 attacks the organs, blood vessels, and nerves. It's not just a respiratory infection, it's a systemic disease. We are seeing data … Continue reading Why would you willingly risk becoming like me?