Tips, tricks, and life hacks for living with ME/CFS

I did a talk for my local support group. Here’s a video of it.

CW: discussion of suicide risk towards the end of the video. There may be other sensitive topics too, but I don’t remember what I covered at the moment.

I did a talk on tips, tricks, and life hacks for people with ME/CFS, lobg covid, and other energy restricting conditions. It’s not my best presentation, nor my worst. Lol. I’m very out of practice at talking to people in person even one on one, so presenting to a room for the first time in almost 10 years was quite the challenge.

I will do a series of posts on this topic shortly, because I think I am far more articulate in writing than talking in front of a room full of people. I ran out of time, so it is a bit rushed towards the end.

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