This is what a Loren ipsum life looks like

Summer has come and gone, Autumn is nearly over. My favourite parts of the year have come and gone. This has how I spent most of them…

Does anyone else see that T. Rex?

…in bed, watching the beautiful weather from behind (dirty) glass.

My hair needs a cut, but I don’t have the energy to go to the hairdresser right now. My pink is long gone, and my dark roots well established. For months I’ve been too tired to bleach or dye my hair, because I will need to raise my arms above my head for minutes at a time.

I feel nauseous, grumpy, frustrated, tired, sore, anxious, and foggy. I want to weep most of the time, from pain and sheer exhaustion, but that takes energy too.

I had dreams and goals and ambition once. Now I’m excited if I can stay awake after breakfast.

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