Apparently there’s Lorem Ipsum merch out there

I went shopping today for a few things and ended up sitting in a mall outside one of those cheap import, ‘wishexpress’ stores (as my husband a I call them). I was looking at the Valentine’s day and nack to school display in the window and pondering why anyone would want a backpack with a moustache when I saw this…

Image contains a cushion with gold flamingos and the words “Lorem Ipsum” in a fancy scroll text.

Apparently I skipped straight passed being famous enough to have merch and went straight to Asian knock offs. Yay!

I may or may not now own a Lorem Ipsum pillow for my long days on bed. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Apparently there’s Lorem Ipsum merch out there

    1. It’s a wonderful example of those Asian wholesalers putting something together with limited English or knowledge of a subject. They obviously don’t realise that Lorem Ipsum is gibberish filler text.


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