Clean! So very clean.

I get to wash my hair! Standing in the shower is hard work. It can be such hard work that showering might be the only thing I do in a day, and is sometimes a weekly activity. I find baths easier, so I try to have baths when I’m feeling fatigued. Staying seatef or lying down keeps me from fainting or over exerting myself, and the pressure of the water helps my aches and pains. The only problem is, I can’t get my stupidly fine hair clean in the bath without spending excessive amounts of energy tipping water over my head.

My bath tap is huge – bigger than a standard sized tap, so the cheap rubber cup atrachments don’t fit the outside and the more expensive metal screw in ones don’t fit inside. I spent way too much energy (and money) trying every option I could find that wouldn’t be considered a renovation to my bathroom (renting means I can’t make permanent changes yo the house without the permission of the owner, do replacing the shower with a hand held/rail system and putti g a new tap on the bath aren’t straight forward or financially viable). I couldn’t find anything that would work for me when I’m at my weakest.

To get an idea of how weak I’m talking, give yourself a dead arm then rub olive oil on your hand so it’s nice and slippery. Now try to turn on a tap or change a hose attachment. Not fun is it? Even the fanciest attachment I could find locally was going to be too hard for me to click off. I could put it on ok, so I would just have to get help after my bath each time… better than having to get help in the bath, I suppose.

I went on Ali Express in the hope that there was something weird and wonderful available to order that could solve my problem.

I found this.

It promised to be a universal attachment that would fit any tap or even shower head, and make it a hand held hose for controlled washing. It was only about $12 so I bought one. It arrived today.

It’s been about 3-4 weeks, which is pretty impressive for shipping from China, but not a moment too soon.

I gave it a go.

It turns out my tap is awkward in other ways than I had already identified. It’s not just bigger than everything else, it’s Very Tapered. This means that even though the hose fitted, it slid right off as soon as I turned in the tap. Luckily, I’m a smart cookie. I took a handful of rubber bands and created a raised strip of friction to help the hose stay in place. I also added a rubber band around the outside to help it stay in place.

It works. I got to sit in the bath and wash my hair. I didn’t have to hold it on the tap with one hand but I did need to watch how long I held the hose above the level of the tap, because the tube at the top inflated. The tap shape meant I couldn’t take full advantage of the amazing water pressure in my bathroom, but it was at least as effective as pouring water from a cup.

Long term, it’s still not good enough. On a bad day, I won’t be able to attach it after detaching it to fill the bath, so the hunt will continue, but I might be able to invent a work around that will work well enough for the next couple of months… after that we find out if our house is being sold from under us.

2 thoughts on “Clean! So very clean.

  1. I know exactly what you mean.These days it’s a real effort to even get undressed and overnight it feels like rigamortis has set in so the running hot water in the morning helps ease my joints and pain.
    I have hand rails and a stool inside and outside my shower. I got rid of my bath because I couldn’t get in and out easily with the pain in my back, became too dangerous for me. ( I do miss it though and my silly husband wouldn’t let me keep it for growing vegetables in.

    Last week I had to collect my latest compression hosiery ( $795.01) from Burwood hospital and yesterday, I had a hospt apt to pick up an oximetry machine for an overnight test at home, back to hospital tomorrow for spirometry tests, then see my pulmonologist …walking from Level 2, then level 4 and over then to Outpatient’s, all within half an hour will have me so breathless!
    Because I’m in town, decided to meet up with a friend who had been waiting all year to have a meet up and then will drop me closer to where my husband can pick m up after work ….but I am going to be SOoooo tired!

    Good ‘Rest of Your Week’ ….take care. x


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