Artsing it Old Skool

My husband was performing some music at our former school’s spring fair.

I knew I’d need to find something sedentary to entertain myself if the activity got to be too much, so I took my sketch kit… sure enough, I started to wilt. We made our circuit of the stalls in fits and starts before deciding that was enough activity.

We found a nice spot in front of the main building and the stage, and sat down. I pulled out my sketching kit, ready to do a nice painting of the scene … and discovered I didn’t have my watercolours! I’d cleaned them up and forgotten to put them back. So… pen sketch it is.

Chch Steiner school, pigment liner on marker paper sketch book.
It really is that wonky! There are very few right angles in that building, and a lot of asymmetry.

I got one of the sets of windows wrong, but other than that, I’m pleased with how it turned out. That building is a nightmare to draw!

After the fair, we came home to rest some more. I still felt like painting, and the weather was nice, so I sat/lay on the floor of my room, with the door wide open, and painted my view.

Watercolour and pigment liner on marker paper sketch book.

I’ve been wanting to paint this one for ages. I love how the roses drape around the trees.

I really need to do something about the state of this hammock. It’s so full of rotten leaves I suspect the fabric to be compromised.

I really like how well I captured the shapes of the hammock. And the orange lichen. And the 3 dimensionality of the trees. Even the fence. I tried to get some depth into it, but I struggled a bit there.

What should I paint/draw next?

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